Women in the Jewelry Supply Chain

A Landscape    diamond       Review of Barriers to Women’s
Economic Empowerment
Women within the Women inside the Jewelry Supply Chain 1
About This White Paper
This paper explores the role of girls in earrings deliver chains and the challenges they face to their
well-being and advancement. This white paper has been prepared for a convening in April 2018 a good way to
deliver collectively key stakeholders inside the rings price chain, from mining agencies and producers
to outlets and types, to discover how the jewellery enterprise can be a superb driver of ladies’s
empowerment and gender equality.
This take a look at is exploratory in nature and attracts upon publicly to be had literature and more than 50 semistructured interviews with representatives from huge jewelry producers and shops, mining
corporations, character jewelers and entrepreneurs, industry institutions, and civil society actors. It is
no longer an exhaustive assessment of all of the methods wherein the jewellery industry affects women and does no longer
offer pointers, however rather provides emerging views, analysis, and observations
designed to stimulate talk and tell ongoing debate.
Any mistakes that stay are the ones of the authors. Please direct remarks or questions to Ouida
Chichester at ochichester@bsr.Org.
This paper was written via Ouida Chichester, Jessica Davis Pluess, and Hetal Momaya, with input from
Aditi Mohapatra. This research turned into made feasible via the guide of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the Netherlands, in addition to Swarovski. The authors want to thank stakeholders consulted for this
paper. See appendix for the overall list of stakeholders consulted. They additionally wish to thank those
stakeholders that reviewed the paper previous to booklet. Photo credit score for back and front cover:
Swarovski, 2016.
BSR publishes occasional papers as a contribution to the information of the position of enterprise in society
and the trends related to corporate social obligation and responsible commercial enterprise practices. BSR
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those of BSR individuals.
Chichester, Ouida; Davis Pluess, Jessica; and Momaya, Hetal. 2018. “Women within the Women in the Jewelry Supply Chain 2
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Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski designs, manufactures and markets splendid crystals,
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lighting fixtures. A responsible relationship with humans and the planet has continually been an integral a part of
Swarovski’s background, and is embedded today in the organisation’s well-mounted global Sustainability
agenda. Advancing gender equality is essential to achieving Swarovski’s Sustainability goals and we
try to empower girls throughout the fee chain, from individuals who craft Swarovski products to the ones
who put on Women within the Jewelry Supply Chain three
Introduction four
Precious Metal and Gemstone Mining 16
Gemstone Cutting and Polishing 26
Jewelry Manufacturing 34
Way Forward 41
Appendix forty two
References forty four
BSR within the Jewelry Supply Chain four
Women force demand for more than ninety percentage of the arena’s rings,
consistent with maximum estimates. Their tastes and possibilities form the
rings market and have an effect on selections at every step within the rings supply
chain. Many of those ladies are part of a unexpectedly growing moral
purchaser movement, driven in element by using millennial customers who not most effective
need to understand wherein their products are from, however additionally want proof that their
purchase selections are reaping benefits human beings in the supply chain.1 Jewelers
that embrace ethical sourcing are developing in number 12 months on yr and
gaining marketplace percentage within the method.
The earrings enterprise is present process main changes thank you in part to changing consumer behavior and
alternatives, the global upward thrust of smaller neighborhood and country wide manufacturers, and new era transforming
business strategies and merchandise. Global income are predicted to grow by using 5 to 6 percentage a 12 months thru
2020 to attain greater than US$308 billion, up from US$182 billion in 2014, consistent with McKinsey.
It is envisioned that over one hundred million people in useful resource-rich nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
paintings in or rely on mining.
Three The enterprise is also an critical source of jobs inside the production zone
in many countries. In India alone, there are an expected 2.5 million human beings directly employed inside the
enterprise, in large part in diamond processing, gold earrings fabrication, and jewelry retail accounting.Four
To date, the jewelry industry has in large part been visible as a “man’s world.” Women make up a big portion
of the downstream retail quarter, where there’s giant information and information approximately women’s
engagement with the enterprise, however this is nearly completely absent within the upstream supply chain, from
manufacturing to slicing and polishing to mining. Women’s roles inside the earrings supply chain are
conditioned with the aid of gender inequalities (gender norms, practices, and institutions) that serve as limitations to
coming into and advancing in the enterprise. When girls are present, they may be typically found in informal
and precarious activities or engaged in lower fee and decrease skilled activities, wherein they’re not absolutely
diagnosed or rewarded and are at greater chance of exploitation. In the midstream and upstream areas of
the arena specifically, additionally they often bear the finest burden of a number of the poor influences of the
enterprise on land, water, communities, and human health.
There are, however, a few symptoms that the enterprise is starting to trade.
More ladies are breaking into traditionally male roles, from miner to gemstone cutter and CEO. Female
entrepreneurs are driving the boom of a boutique moral rings quarter, concentrated on woman customers
who care about the origins and affects of their jewelry, and are advertising earrings as a declaration of
ladies’s empowerment.

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