Windows Performance Counters for Error Rates

In the event that you are utilizing a mistake observing or application execution the board device, make certain to check those for high blunder rates.

There are a couple of spots you can search for application mistake rates and genuine blunders, including Windows Event Viewer, IIS Logs, and that’s just the beginning. Peruse this article to find out additional: IIS Logs, Error Logs and that’s just the beginning – 6 Ways to Find Failed ASP.NET Requests

Windows Performance Counters for Error Rates

There are two explicit execution counters I would suggest surveying for high blunder rates. You can check these by opening Performance learn java Monitor inside Windows and adding the counters to the graph see.

.NET CLR Exceptions – > # of Exceps Thrown/sec: Check this to check whether a great deal of special cases are being tossed by your application. It is feasible for your application to have a great deal of shrouded mistakes that can cause enormous execution issues. Any exemptions whatsoever are awful, yet some are unavoidable.

W3SVC_W3WP – > % 500 HTTP Response Sent: Any solicitations with a 500 status code are inside worker blunders. Ensure this rate is low. It ought to be 0-1%.

2. Increment in Web Traffic Causing IIS Worker Process High CPU

Probably the most straightforward clarification for w3wp.exe high CPU utilization is an expansion in web traffic. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t have any pattern for what your ordinary volume of traffic is, it tends to be difficult to know whether traffic has expanded.

In the event that you are utilizing some application observing apparatus that tracks the traffic, make certain to check it and check whether traffic levels have changed.

On the off chance that you don’t have any approach to know whether traffic levels have transformed, you could utilize your IIS log records to attempt to discover.

You can utilize VisualLogParser or Log Parser Lizard to inquiry them.

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There are likewise windows execution counters for Requests/Sec and Requests Current to see the current traffic rates progressively.

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