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The negative part of the 28/1 alerts us to know and arranged for any occasions that show up unexpectedly during the day. Our capacity to judge decently without turning out to be too passionate will be called upon. We should recollect that decision making ability is basic in all that we do. Another alert is to be careful about the individuals numerology reading who accept that they, and just they, have all the appropriate responses, as they might just hotel to some type of rash conduct so as to dispense their will and ensure themselves all the while. Any potential advancement will be nullified by not utilizing our best judgment in deciding.

In outline, we are at an essential time in our country’s set of experiences. The choices we make today, and during the time will have durable effects on our lives and our future. The decision is yours. All of you. Your vote is your voice. Settle on the kind of nation in which you would decide to live and get out there and left your voice alone heard.

I wish every one of you harmony. May your choices be honored with the best love and light possible.

Favors of Love and Light

Michael John Fierro

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Brett Michael Kavanaugh

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FEBRUARY 12, 1965

At whatever point I do an outline for anybody, there is generally one thing that stands apart to me right away. Some staggering trademark, characteristic, propensity, or issue that ‘shouts’ at me “Hello! See this!” In breaking down Brett Kavanaugh’s Numerology, that one thing that bounced off the page for me was the VERY STRONG presence of the number 8.

The 3 speaks to words, composed and spoken. Communicate with your vote and your support. As consistently with the 3 we should be cautious about any outsider control or obstruction of our political race whether that control or potentially impedance originates from inside our outskirts, or outside of them.


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