Does Google Affiliate X Copy Henry Ford?

In 1908 Henry Ford forever changed the way that the manufacturing of goods, in his case automobiles, would be performed – his revolutionary idea of the production or assembly line was born. This production line blueprint became the norm across the industrial landscape of the 20th century pay per install advertising.

In the last quarter of the century this blueprint was refined even further with robots being installed to perform many of the tasks previously assigned to humans. Controlled by sophisticated computer programmes, robots repeated the assigned task over and over again, all day long – often around the clock.

Every task was completed with the same degree of accuracy and perfection. Robots didn’t get tired, need a toilet break or feel under the weather some days. Sticking with automobile manufacture as an example, there used to be an old saying about not buying a car which had been made on a Friday! It was believed that on a Friday workers’ minds were not always on the job in hand. It was believed that many would be pre-occupied with what they would do at the week-end or where they would be going for that Friday night beer with the lads (or lasses). I believe there was a similar saying referring to cars made on a Monday albeit for different reasons.

Whether there is any truth in these sayings or just something that had evolved in old folk law one fact remains true – robots don’t know what day of the week it is… consequently their ability to reproduce the same high standards everyday proved a benefit to everyone.

Specialist and sophisticated software takes away the need for anyone to have to think or make a judgment call. Robots just follow the proven most effective step of instructions, unquestioning, time after time.

A century on from Henry Ford’s inspirational foresight there’s a new type of business which is growing like wildfire across the globe – Internet Marketing. Often a one man band working from home and having to do everything for themselves – unless they are successful enough to outsource some of the more tedious tasks or tasks for which they lack the individual knowledge and skill to perform.

It is easy to see how the quality of some of their efforts will be greater in areas where they possess expertise and less in areas new to them. So, is it possible to automate their daily processes and to produce a consistently high standard of results, across the board day after day? Until now I would have thought this unlikely. However, I have stumbled across something which challenges my previous thinking – Google Affiliate X.

Ray Johnson and Robert Black, two established affiliate marketers with loads of experience in leveraging Google and ClickBank to make money online, appear to have cracked the code and in doing so have devised a software programme which ensures consistent results across a diverse range of products.

These guys have compiled a unique and sophisticated algorithm which systematically analyses all of the key elements of their business. They’ve encompassed it within a sophisticated new software programme which takes away the guesswork and which produces the same consistent results over and over again.

By applying the same proven formula and criteria to identify, validate and evaluate potential business opportunities Ray and Robert seem able to hone in on micro-niche money-making opportunities with uncanny regularity and consistent success.

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