he wanted to impress us with his worldlyness

I guess he wanted to impress us with his worldlyness while we were trying to impress him with our humility. Funny how our perspectives were reversed. After the brief hello the Lama was off to minister to the excited thong of Tibetans surrounding him.  best solar trail camera

We followed him to a group of Tibetan women. The Lama unrolled a Thangka (Tibetan religious paintings) on the wall and started his discourse. The women were on the floor in a semi circle. They were so excited that they could barely sit still. It was a beautiful insight into the real life of the people here and certainly didn’t fit any stereotypes I had imagined. The Tibetan villagers were not solemn and meditative here. They were remarkably ordinary and simple. What was unique is how they combined their religion with having a good time.

In fact, the whole atmosphere of the Gompa was one of celebration. There was no seated assembly. The people and children were weaving in and out as the Lama walked around and gave his discourses to different groups in an impromptu style. It was relaxed and humanistic without any pretention.

Wow, I was impressed. What a difference from the way religion works at home. This was truly a natural way to interact. People were very at easy and there was an intimate atmosphere and connection with the Lama.

It was a special beginning to the day and left us with smiles a mile wide. We stumbled down the rocky path to the Tea House where we left our packs.

At the guesthouse we met Tibetan woman was sitting and having a cup of tea. She spoke a little English, so we chatted about nothing special. Like all grandma’s she wanted to adopt us and I let her braid my hair with yak butter to smooth it (something I really regretted later). She complement me on having long hair like Tibetan men.

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