I have found a good use for gadgets

I have found a good use for gadgets to help me stay in shape. In fact, as I write this I’m on my eighteenth minute on my treadmill, which is a super-handy gadget. And I’m writing this commentary by dictating it into another gadget a pocket-sized cassette player/recorder. It is even more useful than my treadmill because it turns the treadmill into a work station, making it something that doesn’t just exercise my body but allows me to continue working at what I like best writing this magazine.

This is a critical issue for me being able to work while I exercise. I am one of those people who can’t just exercise. I have to get stuff done, whether that stuff is working at my business or just catching the news or a basketball game on TV.

So I’ve positioned my treadmill in front of the TV, and in a little plastic basket I’ve taped to the side of the treadmill I keep the TV remote so I can switch between channels or raise the volume when I put the treadmill into a jog. Also in the basket is my hands-free telephone with headset, just in case I get an important business call while I jog. And I keep my high fidelity earphones in there too, in case I want to pursue one of my favorite hobbies listening to books on tape.

I’ve essentially turned my treadmill into a work, entertainment, and learning center. It’s become one of the most productive areas of my house.

I am not the only busy person I know who has embraced the necessity of exercising to maintain good health but who can’t quite justify the effort to just exercise. Ron Graham, BHM’s operations manager, also has his exercise machine a Gazelle Freestyle Glider in front of his TV, and he typically exercises on it to the tunes of his favorite group, the Bee Gees.

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